Top Tips to Use when Shopping for a Great Sofa

Sofas are arguably some of the major furniture investments you can make at your home or the place of work. In line with this, there is a need to be cautious so that you only settle for the best quality sofas. Those that give you value for your hard-earned cash. You should only purchase a sofa that will remain reliable for the full length of time you will be using it. The choice of such a sofa narrows down to quality, design, and material of the sofa. Below are some of the key considerations you can make when shopping for a sofa. You can also click here to view some of the best sofas on the market today.


Check the frame

For a sofa to last for long without breaking or becoming weak, it has to have a sturdy frame. Hardwood frames are noted to last for long without bending or breaking and hence are a great choice. On the other hand, poor quality woods like pine may warp after five years hence making the sofa weak and unstable. Top quality wood types are pricier, and as such, sofas made from these woods are likely to cost a lot more than those made using poor quality woods types are. The legs of the sofa also constitute its frame and therefore should be as strong as the wood itself.

Check the joinery

The joinery refers to how the frame is joined together. Frames with joints such as double wooden dowels, brackets, metal screws and wooden corner blocks are considered to solidly constructed. As such, sofas with firm frame joinery have a strong frame and are thus strong and stable. Weak joinery is an indication of a weak sofa that is bound to break or be damaged any time especially if excessive weight is exerted on the sofa.

Opt for tough textiles

BLACK SOFADaily use sofas should have durable fabric. This is because when the fabric wears out, then the overall quality of the sofas is affected. Linen and cotton textiles are great choices for tough textiles hence making them ideal for sofas that are used on a daily basis. Leather and wool are yet other classy textiles for sofas. However, these types of textiles are quite expensive but are undeniably strong. Always settle for attractive and well-decorated textiles as they add onto the appearance and uniqueness of the sofa.

Feel the fillings in the cushions

There are different types of fillings used in cushion filling. Polyurethane foam is the most common cushion filling used in sofas as it is easy to take care of and maintain. High-density fillings are the best choice to settle for as they are soft and do not deteriorate easily like low-density foam fillings. High-resilient fillings are more comfortable and long lasting but are a little pricier than high-density foam fillings. If you are looking for high-end fillings, then you can settle for goose down fillings mixed with feathers. These fillings are high-cost maintenance fillings that require frequent fluffing.


After identifying the sofa of choice, it is necessary to test how it feels to sit on. This will help you in being able to identify whether or not the sofa is comfortable. Check whether the sofa offers several sitting options like reclining, lounge and varying laying down positions.…